My Stencil Adventure

My Stencil Adventure

My Stencil Adventure

In September 2022 when I visited the home decor store, I saw some template at the stand than I am wondered about how can I do this for my hobby. After these days. I researched about these thins. I learned this is stencil and made with special plastic film which is Dupont Tenjin Mylar A roll. After I learned the material of the stencil I searched the seller of this specific plastic roll in İstanbul. But I couldn’t find specific shop to buy for making stencils bu I found other material which is Pet film. After I bought the pet film to make stencils. I was looking for Co2 laser cutter machine to cut my stencil drawings. I learned Adobe Illustrator to make design also make cutting with Laser machine.


Etsy shop Period

After I learned the drawing with Adobe Illustrator, I drew 30 designs to sell on Etsy. I opened Etsy shop and I added my designs to Etsy. After one month I didn’t see any sale from Etsy but I waited and then my first sales came 80 days after I opened the shop. I was getting 1 sale per one week regularly at that time. After 1 month later my sales increased on Etsy. I had been getting 2 sales in a day. My Etsy shop sales was improving. All of these period was very difficult for me. While I was getting sales on Etsy. I was thinking to start a E commerce site to sale on my own platform.



My own E Commerce platform


At that time I designed my e commerce platform and drew my designs for my online platform. Most of them were Extra large wall stencils, Boho stencils, Manadala Stencils, Floor stencils, Tile Stencils. I designed more than 500 stencil design of my own. I added this to my online shop and collected orders from my website. I was selling not only Etsy but also My online shop. I founded packages for stencil specific lengths. I managed packaging, designing, advertising, managing steps of my own. I started to learn google ads and social media management for my online shop. I made seo for every product page, blog page, home page, category page.


After all of these period I made stencil collection for visitors


Wall Stencils, boho stencils, Patio stencils, floor stencils, tile stencils, border stencils, madanla stencils, furniture stencils are in my collection. I also made Anatolian, Moroccan, Ottoman style stencil templates for online shop. All the designs are precisely draw by me and cut by Laser machine 1 mm precision. Now I am using specific Mylar A Stencil film roll to make these stencils with any size. All of the collections are unique and precise.


Now I am also making these stencil with different method which is Galvo Laser. This is very accurate method to cut stencil border as 0.01 mm.


After 1 year, I am still making these stencils with happiness and also I am making custom stencil for your specific needs.


I got all these experience in a year. In here I am telling you whole in 5 minutes.


My Stencil Collection



After all these years, My collection increased and I am getting more custom order from you. The thing is making stencil is not only business this is also art and experience. Now I am seeing different collection on other websites. But all of these are unique to Designer.


Stencils for wall is the most selling products on our online shop. I added more than 500 hundred products to my shop and I believe you can find at least 10 designs for yourself. Bathroom, living room , kitchen, patio stencils are also available. These stencils are reusable stencil Mylar roll made for also Concrete stenciling diy projects. One of our customers regularly buy tile stencils to make pattern for patio  concrete application.


All of the stencils are reusable, cleanable, Mylar film also can be used for Commercial places. Even you see the specific size on the shop we can design your stencil for your needs. Lengths and Heights of the stencil templates can be changed for your needs.



Calculate your Stencil Pattern lengths and heights for your home walls and floors


Before you start stenciling to your walls and floors. Calculate the sizes of the wall area, and you can paint the stencils with specific template. This is very easy for you to make home wall more stylish.


You can paint your wall with airbrush, spray paint. This paint material generally Acrylic Paint. This paint is the most efficient paint for your wall templates. Spraying is the softest method for painting your walls


I continue stenciling production

 I am also designingcustom large patio stencils for your home garden. Every patio floor is different size, for this reason. I am designing and cut ting for your patio size if you send me the length and width details. In this case I can make more than one stencil for your needs.

I have been working on stencil application for 12 months. Now I am ready for every kind of custom order. All of these based on my 5 years experience, these are designing, drawing, adding to e-commerce platform, Laser cutting, advertising, marketing, shipping.


I am waiting your messages about Stenciling.


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