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Midar Patio Stencil - Rectangle Slabs

Midar Patio Stencil - Rectangle Slabs

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Designed to fit standard patio slab size 900x600mm (35x23.5") 

1.5x Large Pattern - repeat 1.5 tile patterns on each slab.
6x Small Pattern - repeat 6 tile patterns on each slab.

Go to our Square Patio Stencils if your slabs are square, or Faux-Tile Stencils if you have decking or non-slabbed concrete patios.

All orders placed before 4pm will be shipped the next day.  

We have always sold our patio stencils as a 2-pack.  Not only does this save time, but you can also cut your extra stencil down to fit into any awkward spaces.  
However, we have recently introduced a 1-pack option to help cater for tighter budgets and projects that really only need one stencil.  

Standard patio slabs are often sold as 900x600 mm, but we have found that actual size is usually 895x595 mm.  This is the size we cut our stencils for an accurate fit.
If your slab size is any different you can Order A Custom Size at no extra cost!

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