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Set of 6 Halloween Craft Stencils

Set of 6 Halloween Craft Stencils

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Stencilling is a fab and cost effective way to create your very own DIY Halloween home decor.  

Our 6 Halloween Craft Stencils can be used to decorate bunting, doormats, bags, napkins, wooden plaques, pumpkins, the list is endless! 

So get crafty and get the kids involved too this Autumn Season! 

Check out Jasmin's blog on her Stencilled DIY Trick or Treat Bag

Please see product images.

Basic stencil instructions are included with each purchase.  


The number one mistake most people make when stencilling for the first time is using way too much paint, this leads to bleeding under the stencil, and no one wants fuzzy lines! It’s surprising how little paint you actually need. Apply a small amount of paint to your roller, and then roll off any excess paint on a scrap bit of paper/card. Your sponge needs to be touch dry, so paint only comes through when you apply pressure. The same applies when using a stencil brush. Practice first on some spare paper or card before attempting your project.

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