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FRENCH SCRIPT Wall and Furniture Stencil

FRENCH SCRIPT Wall and Furniture Stencil

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Furniture stenciling is a popular way to add a personal touch to any piece of furniture. Stencil designs can range from simple to intricate, and can be used with a variety of mediums such as spray paint, airbrushing, or even traditional paint and a brush. Reusable stencils make it easy to create multiple copies of a design, while custom stencils can be made to fit any specific project. Art deco stencil designs are a popular choice for adding a retro touch to furniture, and spray paint stencils can create a quick and easy update to any piece. With the versatility and ease of use of furniture stencils, the possibilities are endless.

Contact with us for your custom request
We can change size for your specificic measuremenets and needs without extra cost!

How To Stencil
You can put or stick the pattern to any surface then paint your pattern with spray paint or airbrush with any color

Custom stencils are made by graphic designers for precise stencil cutting
When you purchase, you can add additional note for your purpose, we can cut your special needs. Custom stencils and patterns which we take from you are avaiable for painting your walls and other surfaces.

All orders shipped before 5pm after the next day of your purchase

You can choose avaiable size for your needs.
Stencils are made by Dupont Tenjin Mylar Bopet sheets.
Our Mylar sheet thicknesses are 250 to 350 micron.
All stencils are produced by us with Laser cutting machine.
We can make custom stencil patterns up to (100 inch))254 cm with 2 piece.
We are working Fedex, UPS, DHL for shipping.
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